Björn Burkhard – interviews de concepteurs multimédia – N°3

After two interviews in french. The first with Xavier and the François we’re starting a new thing here. Bilinugal interviews! A german-english mix. We went to school together with Björn.

1. What did you do after you graduated from the Emaf in 2004?
Danach habe ich fast 8 Jahre in verschiedenen Werbeagenturen als konzeptioneller Art Director gearbeitet ( / / / Seit einem halben Jahr arbeite ich als Frelancer und für meine eigen Firma (

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International Championship League of Matchbox Stuffers

Featured image: Copyright Ronald Hackston

Ah ha, I’m 100% sure never heard about this league! I stumbled upon this on Flickr while looking for some nice pictures for my blog. What is it? Stuffists (that’s how they called themselves) try to get as many objects as they can in one matchbox. Nothing useful here, no real challenge, just a bunch of people having fun. I like the idea, and I might end up entering this championship on day. I’ll let you enjoy selection of artifacts!

[fr] Le championnat international des bourreurs de boîtes d’allumette. Je sais pas vous, mais ça sonne un poil vulgaire dans la langue de Molière. Et « stuffiste » en français ça donne quoi? Bourreur? …

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New website design & new projects

Creative Common Flickr user baerchen57
Creative Common Flickr user baerchen57

[FR] Salut, j’ai pas mal bossé pour améliorer l’ancien site, le rendre plus dynamique, plus lisible. Mais je voulais garder la charte visuelle initiale. J’ai ajouté une section « projects » dans laquelle vous trouverez un petit aperçu de mes projets actuels. Par ailleurs je cherche toujours un taf‘ (idéalement) à 60-80%, donc si vous connaissez quelqu’un qui aurait besoin de quelqu’un comme moi, n’hésitez pas à lui envoyer mon contact. Merci d’avance l’équipe!

[EN] Hello all, as you can see I’ve updated the whole design of the website. I wanted to keep the same basis while improving it a little bit. The main change was the font switch. I hesitated for a long time, but finally decided to switch to Arial for the main text (but I still love you Georgia). I’d be happy to hear your comments regarding this new design. And yeah, I’ve finally decided to show you my face. Thanks a lot to Nancy who shot this cool pix and to Thomas who helped us.

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How to start an online community?

Creative commons Flickr user usnationalarchives
Creative commons Flickr user usnationalarchives

To be clear, I won’t give you any answers here. Why? Because I actually don’t really know. And I need your help in order to get this thing done. In order to grow a big and nice community for the Zero Race.

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Brasileiros – Smiling portraits

This is the monday “arty” post! During my stay in Brazil in 2005, I got the opportunity to shoot the portrait of almost everyone I was somehow connected with. I used an old Minolta camera, the settings were not perfect, so I had to change the luminosity quite a lot afterwards. But the most important is here: the smiles!

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Copyrights Creative Commons Flickr StevenM_61

Anonymous Postcards – Free Idea #1

[FR] The concept: L’idée est de permettre à des gens de recevoir des cartes postales de la part d’inconnus. Lorsque tu es en vacances, dans ta ville ou dans un lieu divers,  tu prends simplement une carte et tu l’envoie à quelqu’un que tu ne connais pas. En faisant ceci tu t’assure de recevoir une carte à ton tour. C’est fun et ça sert à rien.

[ENG] The concept: You register on the website, and then you receive anonymous postacards from the community. It’s totally free, fun and… useless. Once registered you receive your first user address whom you’ll have to send a postcard to. Whenever you sent it, whatever you write on it. It’s up to you. Just make it fun. It’s the anonymous postcard community!

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Creative Commons Flickr Cayusa

Free Ideas / Idées libres


Did you never have a revolutionary/lame idea? Having this sensation of owning a mind-blowing/pointless concept? Something that maybe would not change the world, but which could at least make it move a little bit? An organic bamboo laptop cover which would generate energy by photosynthesis for instance? A website where you could exchange your ipod and it’s playlist with some random stranger? A T-shirt switching party from which you couldn’t get back home with the same clothes?

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Michel’s F*** up Drawings

C’mon! I couldn’t resist to show you once more Michel’s work. I already did it on my old blog, but his pieces of art are just crazy. It can be disturbing with all these drugs, sex and choped up arms’n’heads’n’legs. But then, you see the jokes about “les vaudois”, the funny cartoon characters and you understand that this guy isn’t as F*** up as his painting.

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English or French? No! a multilingual mix

Baguette outside / Rostbeef inside
Baguette outside / Rostbeef inside*

[en] A few ago I launched this blog with the initial post in which I was talking about English as being the main and unique language of this website. I never was really 100% sure about this decision, and then I met Stephanie Booth. She’s bilingual and writes in both English and French. She convinced me not to choose either one or the other. Pourquoi pas écrire dans les 2 langues? Why not using them both? Depending on my mood or maybe the complexity of the subject (my English is far from being perfect).

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Carbon neutral & solar powered hostings in Switzerland

Copyright Creative Common, Jerry

For the moment, I’m using Infomaniak as my web hosting provider. I’ve always been very happy with their services. But every once in a while, I’m considering the fact of moving my files to a new server. A carbon neutral & solar powered web hosting.

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Nespresso Ecolaboration: Green-washing?

Nespresso Hand and Coffee (ecolaboration)
Ecolaboration Website

Nespresso just launched it’s new Nespresso Ecolaboration website where they tell us how green they are. Let’s have a closer look at the whole thing. The first time I saw the website, I wasn’t totally sure what to think? Were they  totally green-washing me, or were they actually quite good at preserving the environment?

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