Networking: Burn down the Social Media Röstigraben!

Zalü zäme! Ok, the title of the post is provocative and not really relevant. But for us the « suisse-romands » the german part of Switzerland is some kind of networking nomansland. So I’m curious to know what happens overther and maybe attend some. And for those of you who arent fluent with Schwizterdüch, sorry be there is only one event where you will be welcome.

Disclaimer: I haven’t attended any of those events.

Social Media Gipfel (Social Media Summit/Croissant)
The event you’ll never be able to attend! They only have a limited amount of places and it seems the venue is usually sold out in 30min. You are warned.
Next event: 1st september, Zürich

Well, they talk about web… on mondays…. and those guys are crazy about their shoes!
Next event: 28th June

Marketing Chuchi (Marketing kitchen)
An event for Marketing and Sales professionals working in a Web startup. An event with beer inside! In Zürich.

SOMESSO meetups (corporate social media)
Seems to be very serious with a lots of guys with ties and costumes.
Next event: 20. Mai, Züri
website offline

Mobile Mondays
Ok, the MM happen all over Switzerland, but most events are held in Züri or Bern. I attended the one at Lift 10 but it was too techy for me. Coders are welcome.

Do you know any other event worth attending in this region of Switzerland about marketing/social/media/startup/geeky stuff? Do you plan to attend any of those listed? Please post your links.

Thanks to Oona from Wuala for the links.[email protected]/ / CC BY-NC 2.0

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