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Copyright Creative Common, Boston Public Library

Yeah, the first real post! As an unemployed guy, the most important thing in order to improve your visibility is networking. Ok, this is no breaking news, but with this post I want to set up a little list with some events in the Suisse Romande related to my work area (marketing, blogging, entrepreneurship). Most of them are free and in French (if not. Its mentioned). I’m sure there are some others, I’ll be happy if you could post them in the comments.

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Welcome – The initial post

Hi, I’m Yann, a Digital Project Manager. First of all, I’d like to say welcome. This is my third blog. In 2005, if started with a fotolog which allowed my to share some pictures of my daily life in Brazil. The second one did last a year and was a mix between some personal stuff (travels, parties) and some more professional topics.

This new blog will be more work oriented. Of course it stays “Yann Graf’s” blog, that’s why I will keep my freedom of tone, I don’t wanna be stuck to a certain type of themes.

While reading “279 days to overnight success” by Chris Guillebeau I understood the importance of setting a release schedule for the posts. So, I’ll post mine every Wednesdays before 11:59pm. Ok, one post a week that’s not a lot, but let’s start with this, and see how it evolves.

Uhh.. yeah… why English? My mother tongue is French, and I’m writing my post in this language. But before posting, I translate them. I want to be understood by the majority. You’ll certainly find some errors, I apologize in advance. But if someone wants to send me his corrections, I’ll be glad to update the website.

That’s it for now, see you next Wednesday! In the mean time, follow me on Twitter…