No News / Good News

Wow, 1 year! Almost a year I did not write a single line on my blog. This is baaaad. My activity on Twitter has reach a near zero level (not even talking about G-Plus). But I did just pick it up again. I only did keep up with Facebook and Instagram.

Since almost a year I have been working at G-Star as a E-Commerce Project Manager. Selling premium apparel over our different websites. I had to learn a lot about e-commerce. I needed also to get used to the slightly different way of Dutch working. A very good experience in a rapidly growing environnement (I try to write a post about the Dutch & Work, but later) !

On the personal side, I have now spend more than a year in Amsterdam. Not enough to know every street and feel really at home. Enough to know the good places to go and start building habits. The good thing when you are an expat is that you are some sort of never satisfied tourist. There are so many things to discover.

Sorry, but I must go, discover a new place! But I promise, the next post won’t be in a year. 1 years !!!!?!?

No news / good news : do you actually say this in English or in other languages? Or is it only a French expression?

Top 10 – Amsterdams’ best creative agency websites

A couple of years ago I did a Top 10 of the best website of agencies in Romandie. Here is the new version with the Amsterdammers agencies. Don’t get me wrong, I’m judging only the website and not their actual portfolio. It’s my personal and subjective view. But I was a little be deceived buy the overall quality.

Curious about the Dutch agency landscape? Have a look at the Amsterdam Creative Agency map.

A few rules

  • You are using Flash ? Sorry, you’re out.
  • Your website is not responsive / adapted to mobile? Not good.
  • Don’t complain, it’s my top 10

1) edenspiekermann


My favorite! A very simple and minimal website but it goes strait to the point. And they have a great blog which I’d advise you to follow (this post about Interaction Design very interesting). Thank you Michael for the suggestion.

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Amsterdam Creative Agency Map

Over the past weeks I’ve been searching a lot of the creative / communication / digital / 360 / PR / Unicorn agencies in Amsterdam, visiting their website, looking at their work. I gathered a few addresses on a map. So I thought I would share them with you. I’ll try also to setup a little Top 10 of the best websites, there are some really nice ones.

and here is the Map

View the map in full size – I know 520px wide is too small. And the “full screen” button on the embed code doesn’t work yet. Map Engine is still in beta version.

And of course I haven’t listed them all, share your tips in the comments please. You can also embed it somewhere else if you want: <iframe src=”” width=”640″ height=”480″></iframe>

PS: The new Google Map Engine Lite is pretty awesome. You should try it. I found it much handier to use than the previous google “my maps” crappy stuff.


Birds of Amsterdam


When you visit Amsterdam, you see this bird everywhere. The one on the picture above landed on our balcony! These animals are not shy. There are the temple monkeys of Amsterdam. But what’s their name? I’m not a bird specialist, but the web can help!

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My experience with Rotation Curation

Last week I was the curator of @SwissEverywhere, a Twitter account shared by Swiss people around the world. Every week a new person takes the commands of the account and lets you discover his life, his city, his words. It is a way good to change a bit the routine of you personal account, it forces you to rethink how you tweet. But in the end its a little bit frustrating, because I guess there is less interaction as with your own account. In this case it is maybe because the account is pretty new and there aren’t much followers.  It also could be due to the fact that the owner of the account is every week a new stranger. What do you think?

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Project: Adams & Eves of Amsterdam

Hey, I had this idea while riding my bike the other day. Let’s see where we end with this. Let me quickly explain the concept and how you can help.

The concept

  • First, you post (in the comments below) questions you would like to ask to people living here in Amsterdam. Don’t be shy.
  • Then, you help me find people here in Amsterdam who would be ok to respond to them in video. And are ok to be published on this blog. Let them contact me via the contact form or Facebook.
  • After this. I meet these people, and they pick randomly 3 questions  and answer them in front of my camera.
  • Finally, the small 1-2 minute video gets posted here!

It’s as simple as this. So, where are your questions? What would you like to now about A’dam? It’s inhabitants? Free you mind!

A previous similar project : The Smiling portraits from Brazil

Creative Commons - Flickr user dailym

Networking in Amsterdam, where to start?

(This post status is: work-in-progress)

When you are new in a city (but not only), networking is a very important thing to do. In Switzerland, I was pretty aware of all the events going on but here in A’dam I’m a complete newbie. My new cities has 6 times more inhabitants than Lausanne, and I guest there are 10 times more events going on.

Here you will find a small list to start your networking in Amsterdam. I must say, I didn’t attend any of those events yet. When I do so, I’ll try to post a little review. In fact this post is more a bucket list for me. And I’d be veeery happy if you could send me your suggestions.

For digital marketing guys, and social media hippies


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How to find a multilingual job in Amsterdam

This weekend I’ve attended the Expatica (site offline) Job Fair in Amsterdam. Yep, I’m a expat and I’m looking for a new challenge! So these are the kind of events where you might want to go to get these extra little tips which might help you land THE job.

But you came for tip to help you, and here they are. But first, you might also want to have a look at my previous post “How to find a Digital Creative Job in Amsterdam”. There are plenty of uselful links.

First tip

Learn Dutch, ha! Even if everyone speaks English, for a lot of jobs they need Dutch speakers… I’ve seen job opening where the recruiters where looking for people who’d master 2 languages and Dutch. If you need help with this? Then start by reading this post.

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How to find a Digital Creative Job in Amsterdam?

As you may have read, I’m moving to Amsterdam and that’s why I’m looking for a job in this new country. I’m interested in a job as a Digital Communication Manager/specialist/producer.

So, here is a little list of the websites where you should have a look in order to find you dream job. I’ll update it when I find new ressources, it’s an ongoing process. Your help is also welcome.

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Creative Commons Flickr user TexasEagle

How to learn Dutch in 3 months

Hell yeah, I’m sure it is possible! And this post will explain you my personal method. I’ve never done this before so it’s my first attempt. One thing you must know is I already speak French, German, English and a little bit of Portuguese. German and English are a huge asset to learn Dutch. So many word are exactly the same or really close.

Edit: I’ve added a couple of new tips on this post 

My first “How to learn Portuguese in 1 month” experience

It happened when I travelled to Brazil, the only word I knew when I arrived in Campos Sales was Obrigado (thank you). But then being 24h/24h confronted to a language you don’t understand forces you to learn. And quickly! After a month I almost understood everything (simple stuff). I was always carrying a tiny dictionary with me, and then asking to people to show me the words I didn’t understand. The good thing was that no one was speaking any other language.

As I’m not yet in the Netherlands I have to find an other way to get this “immersive experience”. Here is my plan:

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