Swiss Tech Talks Basel – Season 1 is over

A year ago Xavier contacted me to launch the Swiss Tech Talks in Basel. I saw it as a great opportunity to meet new people in a new city but I didn’t really forecast the workload which would be linked to it. Anyway, it was great fun and there will definitively be a Season Two!

Only 2 talks were held this season. 3 had been planned but I had to cancel one. I guess these are the “problème de jeunesse” which you should expect when creating something new. Let’s try to improve for next year.

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Interesting events in Basel for the Autumn

You felt it I’m sure. Yeah, it is again that time of the year when it is better to be inside. The very long days are gone and the leaves start to turn brown. The good news is that there is plenty to do inside. The post summer holiday lethargy is over. Here is a list of events in Basel (and a bit further) which I will attend in the upcoming weeks. They might be interesting for you too.

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Stereo Architektur GmbH, Lukas Schaffhuser

Coworking spaces in Basel and other cool work environments

Are you looking for a place to base your startup? Or are you a freelancer looking for coworking spaces in Basel because you are sick of your home office? I have gathered a couple of places that might suit your needs. I did not try them out all, yet.

[edit] I’m regularly updating this post, so if you open a new spot, send me a mail.

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Creative Commons - Flickr user dailym

Networking in Amsterdam, where to start?

(This post status is: work-in-progress)

When you are new in a city (but not only), networking is a very important thing to do. In Switzerland, I was pretty aware of all the events going on but here in A’dam I’m a complete newbie. My new cities has 6 times more inhabitants than Lausanne, and I guest there are 10 times more events going on.

Here you will find a small list to start your networking in Amsterdam. I must say, I didn’t attend any of those events yet. When I do so, I’ll try to post a little review. In fact this post is more a bucket list for me. And I’d be veeery happy if you could send me your suggestions.

For digital marketing guys, and social media hippies


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Linkedin SEO optimization – How to rank high for your Keyword?


Actually I have no tips which work for you here! Sorry but instead I would like to receive your tips and feedbacks. Still, I’ll share my experience with you.

A couple of weeks ago I subscribed for a Premium Linkedin profile (remember I’m a job seeker). I had the surprise to see with which keywords the people would find my profile. It was rather disappointing. You can have a look to the list. There were no really relevant keywords. I don’t really care the I rank well for “ch”…

I started to dig into this subject in order to better understand how to rank well for keywords which really matter for me (digital project manager, online communication, … ).

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Networking: Burn down the Social Media Röstigraben!

Zalü zäme! Ok, the title of the post is provocative and not really relevant. But for us the « suisse-romands » the german part of Switzerland is some kind of networking nomansland. So I’m curious to know what happens overther and maybe attend some. And for those of you who arent fluent with Schwizterdüch, sorry be there is only one event where you will be welcome.

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Networking Events in «Suisse Romande»

Copyright Creative Common, Boston Public Library - Networking Suisse Romande
Copyright Creative Common, Boston Public Library

Yeah, the first real post! As an unemployed guy, the most important thing in order to improve your visibility is networking. Ok, this is no breaking news, but with this post I want to set up a little list with some events in the Suisse Romande related to my work area (marketing, blogging, entrepreneurship). Most of them are free and in French (if not. Its mentioned). I’m sure there are some others, I’ll be happy if you could post them in the comments.

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