Watercolor experiments

Since the autoportaits back in October last year, I didn’t do any creative Day again. It was right about time for another shot. I don’t know, but  watercolor seemed to be the right tool. And patterns, I’m into patterns at the moment. Doei!


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Let’s throw fablabs, coders and a lot of creative people into a museum

Last weekend was intense. I took part in the 2015 edition of Museomix as a volunteer in the Museum for Communication in Bern. But what is Museomix?

Museomix was originally created four years ago in France. It is a bit similar to hackathons or startup weekends. You put a lot of motivated people into groups and ask them to come up with prototypes after three days. The time constrains is big but to avoid complete chaos, the process is well established.

At the end of the weekend those groups had to present their work in form of a prototype. This years results are not yet online. But you can check last years results.

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Why do I actually build mikrodefio ? The story of the first iteration

Do you remember mikrodef.io? I’ve launched the site in April and then quickly left it go back to sleep. Mostly because it did not get the expected traction. That happens when you have a product which no one needs or wants (and you do not promote it enough).

But why did I actually start this project?

  • I wanted to build a product which improves lives of individuals
  • I wanted to have a laboratory to test new techniques
  • And I wanted do more creative work – I was a CreativeDay project remember

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Cool Interactive Artsy Projects

At the moment I’m looking for an interesting speaker for one of the Swiss Tech Talks that will be held in Basel. The idea is that mobile phones can be a canvas or a brush for todays artists. If you know of someone in the area which might want to present a related project: Please let me know.

Here are few interesting projects I found, not from Basel though.

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Opinions: This sucks !

While playing with Illustrator I started this little serie. This idea is some things can be great or really suck depending on where you stand. Vegetarians really do suck if you are a vegetable. Ever thought of being chopped into cubes or being thrown into a blender? Yes, it really sucks!


Please add your suggestions in the comments.

Studio photo experiments

Today I spent some time experimenting with a mini photo studio. Not too bad for a first set, but could be much better. Practice needed.


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Dutch sayings and fonts combinations

I wanted to experiment different font combinations. Dutch expression translated into English were the perfect playground for trying this out.

Good luck with Google translate boys.


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Linoprinted Hipster Perv

I spent the afternoon experimenting with Lino engraving. It was pretty fun but I did not yet find the good printing technique (or ink). But it is definitely something I will try again. Enjoy the lumber jack hipster pervert from Copenhagen.


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Cats & Rats & Birds

Here are some cute animal characters. A good excuse to spend the day on the computer working with Illustrator… See you next week for some more.


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