3 Non-Profit Very Actual Campaigns

A little compilation of 3 Non-Profit Campaigns I stumbled upon in the last couple of days. At the moment, I never saw anything that sophisticated in Switzerland. Will it come? Or maybe not? Are our NGO too small? Is the fact that we need to translate everything in 3 languages killing our creativity? Or are we too Swiss (to prudent, too shy, too respectful) ?

Own a color

A campaign from Unicef and Dulux. They came up with the simple idea that your computer can show 16.7 million colors. If they sell each of these for £1… well, the get a huge amount of money. On the site, you can pick an available color, give it a name, make a donation and then its yours. A very simple concept with a nice layout.

website offline

Slavery Footprint

This online campaign is based on 2 parts. The first is a neat animation where you learn what is “modern slavery”. Too much text for my opinion, though the scroll animation is neat. Then you can take a survey and calculate how many “modern slaves” are working for you. There are 33 people working for my needs, this big number is mainly due to my geek gadgets (and I don’t own an iPad). The survey is awesomely designed, but a bit long.


Australian Red Cross

Today I posted an article about this one (in French). I really “like” the way it allows you to visualize the impact of an atomic nuke. Scary but very well executed.


Why am I writing in English today? I don’t really know, but the blog used to be in English in its early ages.

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