Mentoring my past self

For over 3 years now, I’ve been a freelancer. The first 2 years were pretty rough. Life felt like a roller coaster. But I’m quite satisfied with my third year. Business is starting to build up and things are looking a bit more structured.

Since starting, I’ve made a lot of mistakes. Some small and some much bigger.

So, if I had to start over, what would I do differently? If was able to travel back in time and mentor myself, what would I tell that guy?

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How to learn Dutch in 3 months

Hell yeah, I’m sure it is possible! And this post will explain you my personal method. I’ve never done this before so it’s my first attempt. One thing you must know is I already speak French, German, English and a little bit of Portuguese. German and English are a huge asset to learn Dutch. So many word are exactly the same or really close.

Edit: I’ve added a couple of new tips on this post 

My first “How to learn Portuguese in 1 month” experience

It happened when I travelled to Brazil, the only word I knew when I arrived in Campos Sales was Obrigado (thank you). But then being 24h/24h confronted to a language you don’t understand forces you to learn. And quickly! After a month I almost understood everything (simple stuff). I was always carrying a tiny dictionary with me, and then asking to people to show me the words I didn’t understand. The good thing was that no one was speaking any other language.

As I’m not yet in the Netherlands I have to find an other way to get this “immersive experience”. Here is my plan:

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Björn Burkhard – interviews de concepteurs multimédia – N°3

After two interviews in french. The first with Xavier and the François we’re starting a new thing here. Bilinugal interviews! A german-english mix. We went to school together with Björn.

1. What did you do after you graduated from the Emaf in 2004?
Danach habe ich fast 8 Jahre in verschiedenen Werbeagenturen als konzeptioneller Art Director gearbeitet ( / / / Seit einem halben Jahr arbeite ich als Frelancer und für meine eigen Firma (

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