Website Ranking: What position do I have on Google?

On which position does my website rank? 

 First, of course! I don’t need to optimize my website.


Ok yes, maybeeee but:

  • You are probably first, for your branded keyword (the name of your company).
  • And on your own computer.

Here is the catch, most probably you are browsing the web, always with the same browser, from the same computer, and you are not cleaning your cookies.

If you search for anything on Google and let’s say, click on the third link without visiting the two links on top. Google will learn, and the next time will reorder them for you.

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How to remove spam traffic in Google Analytics

Usually, when I get access to a Google Analytics account, I quickly try to find out how accurate (or polluted) the data is. Most of the time there is some spam traffic in Google Analytics. For smaller websites, it sometimes accounts for up to 30% of the sessions!

The side effect of spam traffic? You can’t really rely on any general data. It will corrupt your general understanding of the visitor profile. Let’s fix this.

But first…

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A woman making a phone call

Define your Digital Communication Strategy

Last year I published an article on how to start your online communication, for free. But the hardest part are not the tools. What seems to bring the biggest struggle is the Digital Communication Strategy:

  • What should I tell my clients?
  • How should I say it?
  • To whom must I broadcast my message to?

A Digital Communication Strategy is just an extension of your “regular” Communication Strategy. It should be included in the latter one. Most elements will be the identical, actually only the goals, channels and KPI will be different.

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Tracking form submissions via Google Analytics Events

Your website is up and running, the design is sleek and the first visitors flow in. 10, 100 and now 1000 unique visitors per month. But wait, with how much visitors per month should you be happy?

Tracking the number of visitors is pointless if it is not correlated to the conversion rate (and your business goals). 1000 people visiting your page and leaving without having taken any action are worthless to your business. Tracking form submissions can help in this case.

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How to improve your Google Maps ranking

Recently I wrote an article about and it usefulness in your Digital Strategy. Turns out, there might be much better investments if you want to be found online. But then, how to rank higher on Google (Maps) will you ask? Some Local SEO tips and the registration in Google my Business will do the trick.

Here are a couple of steps you can take as a first improvements.

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Should I pay for, and are among the most used websites in Switzerland. As a small business owner you will be rapidly confronted with the question: Should I pay to add a link or a logo on my entry?

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Digital Stage 2015 – Insights on the Swiss Theaters Digital Landscape

Ten years ago I coded the first version of a Swiss theater. At that time, the digital landscape was pretty different. There was no social network, complicated emailing sys- tems and online payments were almost nonexistent.

Today, just at the start of this new cultural season, a lot has changed. I’m very interested in this domain so I start- ed to do some research. I’ve ended up with quite some data which I thought could be interesting for others.

This infographic shows a quick summary, the full report is available in PDF (see below).

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How to launch your digital communication, for free

If you are a small charity, a startup or a music band launch your digital communication can be overwhelming. Where to start? How much will it cost? What to say?

The chances are that your budget is limited and the money vital for some other aspects of your venture. The good news is that it can be free. If it must, it won’t cost you a single cent. But as always, what is free is either not the highest quality, take a lot of time or lack functionalities…

Where to start? I wrote a little step by step plan for you. These are meant to be low-level advices. This guide could be muuuuuch longer and detailed. But for now I’ll stop here. I will detail every single part in future posts. So stay tuned and subscribe to the newsletter.

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Top 10 – Amsterdams’ best creative agency websites

A couple of years ago I did a Top 10 of the best website of agencies in Romandie. Here is the new version with the Amsterdammers agencies. Don’t get me wrong, I’m judging only the website and not their actual portfolio. It’s my personal and subjective view. But I was a little be deceived buy the overall quality.

Curious about the Dutch agency landscape? Have a look at the Amsterdam Creative Agency map.

A few rules

  • You are using Flash ? Sorry, you’re out.
  • Your website is not responsive / adapted to mobile? Not good.
  • Don’t complain, it’s my top 10

1) edenspiekermann


My favorite! A very simple and minimal website but it goes strait to the point. And they have a great blog which I’d advise you to follow (this post about Interaction Design very interesting). Thank you Michael for the suggestion.

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Amsterdam Creative Agency Map

Over the past weeks I’ve been searching a lot of the creative / communication / digital / 360 / PR / Unicorn agencies in Amsterdam, visiting their website, looking at their work. I gathered a few addresses on a map. So I thought I would share them with you. I’ll try also to setup a little Top 10 of the best websites, there are some really nice ones.

and here is the Map

View the map in full size – I know 520px wide is too small. And the “full screen” button on the embed code doesn’t work yet. Map Engine is still in beta version.

And of course I haven’t listed them all, share your tips in the comments please. You can also embed it somewhere else if you want: <iframe src=”” width=”640″ height=”480″></iframe>

PS: The new Google Map Engine Lite is pretty awesome. You should try it. I found it much handier to use than the previous google “my maps” crappy stuff.


My experience with Rotation Curation

Last week I was the curator of @SwissEverywhere, a Twitter account shared by Swiss people around the world. Every week a new person takes the commands of the account and lets you discover his life, his city, his words. It is a way good to change a bit the routine of you personal account, it forces you to rethink how you tweet. But in the end its a little bit frustrating, because I guess there is less interaction as with your own account. In this case it is maybe because the account is pretty new and there aren’t much followers.  It also could be due to the fact that the owner of the account is every week a new stranger. What do you think?

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Blog for us! But for free of course.

Hello, I’m X from small company Y and I’d like you to blog from us. Of course, you wouldn’t get a penny. But, we will promote your content on our channels and offer you a discount on our products.

This is a request I received last week.

At first I thought: What the heck?! Do you think I’ll spend hours gathering content and then writing down a quality post for you, just for some more visits on my website? And since you are a small company, I guess you have only just a few, nothing which would explode my Google Analytics dashboard. I’d be basically volunteering for your company…

But then, I thought: Ok, why not, guest blogging is always nice, backlinks are the juice of the web. And maybe I could just “rewrite” some of my articles and post them. Just enough for Google not noticing it is duplicate content. I guess it will be fast earned visits without too much effort? And this offer for the product ain’t that bad, because it is something I need at the moment.

I can’t set my mind on this, what do you think bloggers?