My experience with Rotation Curation

Last week I was the curator of @SwissEverywhere, a Twitter account shared by Swiss people around the world. Every week a new person takes the commands of the account and lets you discover his life, his city, his words. It is a way good to change a bit the routine of you personal account, it forces you to rethink how you tweet. But in the end its a little bit frustrating, because I guess there is less interaction as with your own account. In this case it is maybe because the account is pretty new and there aren’t much followers.  It also could be due to the fact that the owner of the account is every week a new stranger. What do you think?

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Anonymous Postcards – Free Idea #1

[FR] The concept: L’idée est de permettre à des gens de recevoir des cartes postales de la part d’inconnus. Lorsque tu es en vacances, dans ta ville ou dans un lieu divers,  tu prends simplement une carte et tu l’envoie à quelqu’un que tu ne connais pas. En faisant ceci tu t’assure de recevoir une carte à ton tour. C’est fun et ça sert à rien.

[ENG] The concept: You register on the website, and then you receive anonymous postacards from the community. It’s totally free, fun and… useless. Once registered you receive your first user address whom you’ll have to send a postcard to. Whenever you sent it, whatever you write on it. It’s up to you. Just make it fun. It’s the anonymous postcard community!

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Free Ideas / Idées libres


Did you never have a revolutionary/lame idea? Having this sensation of owning a mind-blowing/pointless concept? Something that maybe would not change the world, but which could at least make it move a little bit? An organic bamboo laptop cover which would generate energy by photosynthesis for instance? A website where you could exchange your ipod and it’s playlist with some random stranger? A T-shirt switching party from which you couldn’t get back home with the same clothes?

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