Understanding the Online Customer Journey

Ok, you have spent some money on your website, and now you want people to visit it? Often it doesn’t happen exactly like this. Mostly because your website is lost between over 1 billion of its siblings. But then how can you reach and attract your potential customers?

For this you need to first understand the online customer journey of your potential client and his way down the conversion funnel.

To start, this is a generic, high level customer journey.


Note: You could add several steps in here. I’ve skipped them for more clarity. I think I’ll anyway make a series out this topic, since there is a lot to add to it.

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How to improve your Google Maps ranking

Recently I wrote an article about and it usefulness in your Digital Strategy. Turns out, there might be much better investments if you want to be found online. But then, how to rank higher on Google (Maps) will you ask? Some Local SEO tips and the registration in Google my Business will do the trick.

Here are a couple of steps you can take as a first improvements.

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An easy Backup Strategy for freelancers

Do you have your own company? Does your business rely on digital data? Having a serious and solid backup strategy is a MUST. A lost laptop or a broken hard drive happen all the time. As a freelancer, the head of IT is you. This means you are responsible to take care of your data and the data of your clients.

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Should I pay for, and are among the most used websites in Switzerland. As a small business owner you will be rapidly confronted with the question: Should I pay to add a link or a logo on my entry?

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Watercolor experiments

Since the autoportaits back in October last year, I didn’t do any creative Day again. It was right about time for another shot. I don’t know, but  watercolor seemed to be the right tool. And patterns, I’m into patterns at the moment. Doei!


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Good start

Hi, I wish you all a great start in this new year!

It’s been already five months since I’ve started to work as a freelancer. And as you hear it all the time, starting your own company is a bumpy road! I thought I knew what I had signed up for. But guess what => it was harder than expected.

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Let’s throw fablabs, coders and a lot of creative people into a museum

Last weekend was intense. I took part in the 2015 edition of Museomix as a volunteer in the Museum for Communication in Bern. But what is Museomix?

Museomix was originally created four years ago in France. It is a bit similar to hackathons or startup weekends. You put a lot of motivated people into groups and ask them to come up with prototypes after three days. The time constrains is big but to avoid complete chaos, the process is well established.

At the end of the weekend those groups had to present their work in form of a prototype. This years results are not yet online. But you can check last years results.

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How to write good requirements for a digital project

You are in front of a white page and you have to write down what you need from your digital agency? You want to explain your needs and wishes for your project but you are not a technical person. Where to begin?

For this post, I took the example of a startup which wants to help customers to find stores where they can buy sustainable and eco-friendly food and products. They will do this with a website or a mobile app.

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Digital Stage 2015 – Insights on the Swiss Theaters Digital Landscape

Ten years ago I coded the first version of a Swiss theater. At that time, the digital landscape was pretty different. There was no social network, complicated emailing sys- tems and online payments were almost nonexistent.

Today, just at the start of this new cultural season, a lot has changed. I’m very interested in this domain so I start- ed to do some research. I’ve ended up with quite some data which I thought could be interesting for others.

This infographic shows a quick summary, the full report is available in PDF (see below).

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