Apps for small Companies and Freelancers

As a small company, you need tools that will help you achieve your daily business easier. From project management to time-tracking, the possibilities are endless. Here is the list of apps I use almost on a daily basis.

I came up with this list mostly because I’m curious to have your feedback. Do you use some of them as well? Or did make a different choice? Why?

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Understanding the Online Customer Journey

Ok, you have spent some money on your website, and now you want people to visit it? Often it doesn’t happen exactly like this. Mostly because your website is lost between over 1 billion of its siblings. But then how can you reach and attract your potential customers?

For this you need to first understand the online customer journey of your potential client and his way down the conversion funnel.

To start, this is a generic, high level customer journey.


Note: You could add several steps in here. I’ve skipped them for more clarity. I think I’ll anyway make a series out this topic, since there is a lot to add to it.

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How to write good requirements for a digital project

You are in front of a white page and you have to write down what you need from your digital agency? You want to explain your needs and wishes for your project but you are not a technical person. Where to begin?

For this post, I took the example of a startup which wants to help customers to find stores where they can buy sustainable and eco-friendly food and products. They will do this with a website or a mobile app.

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