Cool Interactive Artsy Projects

At the moment I’m looking for an interesting speaker for one of the Swiss Tech Talks that will be held in Basel. The idea is that mobile phones can be a canvas or a brush for todays artists. If you know of someone in the area which might want to present a related project: Please let me know.

Here are few interesting projects I found, not from Basel though.

Ink Space – Draw in 3d on your phone

This is really cool! Use your phone to draw in 3d. By using the accelerometer of the Android device you can literaly 3d paint. This should be put together with the next example.


Another project which is pretty similar lets you tag your virtual environnement. It was developed by the Tangible Media Group from the MIT. They have a couple of other interesting projects. They guys have cool jobs: fooling around with technology…

Snap chat exhibition – This is it now

Until September 13th a virtual snap chat photo exhibition is held. Artists do pass along a snapchat handle and share their art. I’ve just subscribed, let’s see. You only have to follow thisisitnowshow.


Trail Blazers – Have some fun at the office

This is actually a game. Go from URL A to URL B as quick as you can be only by clicking on links (no Google Search, no keyboard, only mouse clicks). Just for the fun, try to go from to – It is not that easy, I gave up after 3:40min…


Oil Painting

Using your phone (literally) as a canvas. And paint with face oil. That guy must have had some fun while doing this.

oil-paint oil-paint2

Thanks @vvenema for the sources

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