How to find a multilingual job in Amsterdam

This weekend I’ve attended the Expatica (site offline) Job Fair in Amsterdam. Yep, I’m a expat and I’m looking for a new challenge! So these are the kind of events where you might want to go to get these extra little tips which might help you land THE job.

But you came for tip to help you, and here they are. But first, you might also want to have a look at my previous post “How to find a Digital Creative Job in Amsterdam”. There are plenty of uselful links.

First tip

Learn Dutch, ha! Even if everyone speaks English, for a lot of jobs they need Dutch speakers… I’ve seen job opening where the recruiters where looking for people who’d master 2 languages and Dutch. If you need help with this? Then start by reading this post.

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Linkedin SEO optimization – How to rank high for your Keyword?


Actually I have no tips which work for you here! Sorry but instead I would like to receive your tips and feedbacks. Still, I’ll share my experience with you.

A couple of weeks ago I subscribed for a Premium Linkedin profile (remember I’m a job seeker). I had the surprise to see with which keywords the people would find my profile. It was rather disappointing. You can have a look to the list. There were no really relevant keywords. I don’t really care the I rank well for “ch”…

I started to dig into this subject in order to better understand how to rank well for keywords which really matter for me (digital project manager, online communication, … ).

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How to find a Digital Creative Job in Amsterdam?

As you may have read, I’m moving to Amsterdam and that’s why I’m looking for a job in this new country. I’m interested in a job as a Digital Communication Manager/specialist/producer.

So, here is a little list of the websites where you should have a look in order to find you dream job. I’ll update it when I find new ressources, it’s an ongoing process. Your help is also welcome.

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