Digital Stage 2015 – Insights on the Swiss Theaters Digital Landscape

Ten years ago I coded the first version of a Swiss theater. At that time, the digital landscape was pretty different. There was no social network, complicated emailing sys- tems and online payments were almost nonexistent.

Today, just at the start of this new cultural season, a lot has changed. I’m very interested in this domain so I start- ed to do some research. I’ve ended up with quite some data which I thought could be interesting for others.

This infographic shows a quick summary, the full report is available in PDF (see below).



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Thank you to Catherine Nelson-PollardEugène Schoen and Antoine for helping with the reviewing of this document. If you have comments or questions to this analysis about the swiss culture digital landscape, post them below.

The full list of the Theaters which have been included into this report are available on this page. If you are working in a Theater and are interest in providing feedback in the next edition, please subscribe via this form.


Yann Graf

I am an experienced Digital Strategy Consultant based in Switzerland. After over seven year respectfully crafting and improving the digital presence of Terre des hommes, Nautilus and G-Star Raw, I am now a freelancer. Please have a look at my Portfolio

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