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How to find a Digital Creative Job in Amsterdam?

As you may have read, I’m moving to Amsterdam and that’s why I’m looking for a job in this new country. I’m interested in a job as a Digital Communication Manager/specialist/producer.

So, here is a little list of the websites where you should have a look in order to find you dream job. I’ll update it when I find new ressources, it’s an ongoing process. Your help is also welcome.


The Netherlands is one of the country with the biggest reach for Linkedin and Twitter. So make sure to have a look to the jobs section and to take care of your profile. Also, a lot of recruiters and companies allow you to apply directly via with your Linkedin profile (with one click)!

If you are from abroad and can tell your actual employer you are looking for a new job: make sure to change your “actual location” to the newly desired one. Your recommended jobs will change accordingly.

Specialised recruters

They are really helpful by sorting out the gems for you!

Advertising News / Jobs sites

I’m preparing a post about this. But it the mean time you can give a look to BrandRepublic.
You can also give a try to Behance / Authentic Jobs / Awwwards


As mentioned above, the penetration of Twitter in the Netherlands is huge. Almost all the recruiters are on Twitter. I’ve created a Twitter list for you. I’ll be updating a lot, make sure to follow this one.

Creative agencies

There are plenty of them here in Amsterdam. The cool thing? I’ve setup a interactive map for you.


And you, which website would you recommend? How would you start?

PS: As you might have noticed on my profile, I don’t yet have a job. So, if you have any opportunity, I’ll be happy if you’d give me a call.

Yann Graf

A digital project Owner currently living in Amsterdam.

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