Opinions: This sucks !

While playing with Illustrator I started this little serie. This idea is some things can be great or really suck depending on where you stand. Vegetarians really do suck if you are a vegetable. Ever thought of being chopped into cubes or being thrown into a blender? Yes, it really sucks!

Please add your suggestions in the comments.

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mikro defio : get (mikro) challenged, daily

I had this little side-project on my bucket list for quite some while already. As far as I remember the first time this idea popped up was on a beach in the south of Sri Lanka. In 2012… But I never took the time to build it.

Tadam! Here is mikro defio.

A site that will (mikro) challenge you every single day of the year, of your life, of the universe. Each morning at 8am, a new challenge is shared. Now it is up to you to decide if you accept it or not.

Get (mikro) challenged now !

Note: the whole thing is still in work-in-progress. Please send me all your suggestions. They are very welcome.

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Amsterdam Light Festival 2015

Doei Doei Amsterdam!

After almost 2 years living and working in Amsterdam it is now time for a change. As of July we (I & the Girl) will move to Basel in Switzerland. Exchanging Pannekoeken for Basler Lakerli, Dutch for SwitzerDutch (sounds almost the same) and Kings Days for Carnaval.

For those who don’t know Basel: This city is the paradise of Pharma Industry (!), dry sweets (!!) and Vitra chairs (!!!). Don’t worry, from July on I will share pictures.

If you have any contacts in Basel: they are more than welcome. For us is Basel almost like a new country.

PS: “Doei doei” means “Bye Bye”

A litte retrospective in pictures


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Monthly auto-assessment technique

Since last year, for my work I actively started using the Scrum methodology. This technique comes along with several “events” (planning, stand-up, etc..). In a Scrum team the retrospective is the moment when you look back at the work you’ve done in the last sprint (1-2 weeks) and make a short evaluation. By doing this often, you will enable the team to express their challenges and in the end work better.

During the retrospective the team will answer 3 simple questions:

  • What went well?
  • What went bad?
  • What to improve?


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