1 museomixer
3 museomixers at EPFL Lausanne

This project, “Museomixers” stands as a visual ode to the spirited individuals dedicating themselves to a cause they fervently believe in. It seeks to illuminate the diverse vibrancy and boundless energy unique to each volunteer, capturing the essence of their joy in contributing to this endeavor. The collective spirit of teamwork shines brilliantly throughout.

2 Museomixers - in Lausanne
3 museomixer et un fantôme
3 Museomixers in Mons
Museomixers in Bern
2 museomixer kids
2 kids museomixers
Yann Graf - sad robot

Some of the portraits were captured at the Museomix EPFL event in Lausanne, while others find their backdrop in the historic heart of Mons, Belgium, during the year 2018. Som e where shoot in Bern while the kids were playing at MuDa in Zurich

Through this visual journey, Museomixers not only celebrates the altruistic spirit of volunteering but also intertwines the narrative with a profound commentary on community and collective effort.