Saint Yves-Walter VII
Saint Ladies XIV

In 2020, the 99saints project was initiated, aiming to create 99 versions of Russian Orthodox icons with contemporary pop culture elements as NFTs. The project explored NFT technology and market dynamics but was halted due to high Ethereum gas fees, energy consumption, and loss of wallet access.

Saint Eusebius of Oeschen XIII
Saint Francis of Barbak VI
Saint Casey Niveus IX
Saint Florentis VIII
Saint Fresh Press X

The work desanctified traditional icons by blending them with modern culture, contrasting new digital art with traditional PFP projects. It connects to an artistic practice focused on new technologies and the study of Russian icons, influenced by crypto art and the kitsch aesthetics. The project intended to be playful while provoking thought about technology, consumerism, and modern idolatry.

The NFTs are available on Rarible.