I’m eating lakerli all day long

Lately we (the girl and I) were busy looking for an apartment in Switzerland. And after visiting 35 of them, we found it… So after 2 years in Amsterdam I do now live in Basel: the home of the very dry but sweet (and good) Basler lakerlis (<- I wish this was a sponsored link).

In preparation for the move, I also went paperless in a day. Getting rid of all that paper was a nice move. I feel a bit lighter.

Earlier this year, I got interviewed by the guys from Brands Up, they made a little interview about my blogging habit. It’s all in French but hey! Google Translate does a good job.

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Going paperless #overnight

A few days ago I moved, again, with all my belongings. This was the perfect moment to get rid of a maximum stuff. All the things you throw away won’t have to go in a box, won’t have to be carried and taken out of that damm box. Pure simple.

There is was always this unsexy cardboard full of folders. Those papers your are legally bound to keep for 1 to 10 years. Sometimes for a lifetime (link in French). You store them nicely in folders and carry them around with every move. Not anymore, I went paperless and digitalised every single paper I had to keep.

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How to find an apartment in Basel… in 2 easy steps!

You really though 2 steps were enough?! Ok, that wasn’t funny… Everyone who had to do this job knows how painful it can be. There aren’t that many available flats in Swiss cities. The Swiss federal administration reported around 0.5% of free vacant houses in Basel (June 2014). I found a number for Amsterdam: over 3%! I do not know if they count exactly the same way, but it gives you an idea.

I was looking for an apartment in Switzerland and I wanted to share the tips I found. Of course, if you have ideas, you are also very welcome to share them. We visited 35 apartments until we found the right one.

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