How to write good requirements for a digital project

You are in front of a white page and you have to write down what you need from your digital agency? You want to explain your needs and wishes for your project but you are not a technical person. Where to begin?

For this post, I took the example of a startup which wants to help customers to find stores where they can buy sustainable and eco-friendly food and products. They will do this with a website or a mobile app.

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Monthly auto-assessment technique

Since last year, for my work I actively started using the Scrum methodology. This technique comes along with several “events” (planning, stand-up, etc..). In a Scrum team the retrospective is the moment when you look back at the work you’ve done in the last sprint (1-2 weeks) and make a short evaluation. By doing this often, you will enable the team to express their challenges and in the end work better.

During the retrospective the team will answer 3 simple questions:

  • What went well?
  • What went bad?
  • What to improve?

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