Weekly interesting link collection #ux #coworking

Today I just wanted to share a collection of interesting links on various topics which I’m reading about currently. From co-working to sleep deprivation, the range is wide. Please send me your contributions.

Home Coworking

As a freelancer or remote worker, working alone at home can feel lonely. Cohome is kind of desksurfing/couchsurfing for work. You can invite other remote workers to your home to work or share their living remote. This can get you to know new people and broaden your network.

Remote teams

The experience of Toggl and their remote team. And why they decided never to get an office again. This was also a topic we discussed on the BarCamp Zurich this weekend. Maybe your employees don’t want to commute to your office anymore? And if they don’t, you have to make sure that your company culture is understood and shared by everyone. That the communication keeps flowing. For that you will need new tools.


Less sleep, more creativity

Why you will be more creative when sleeping less. Thomas Edison was only sleeping 4 hours a day. Leonardo da Vinci had a weird sleep schedule. Maybe we should sleep less… or not.


The art of guerrilla testing

Go down into the street or a café and test your designs with random strangers. But there are some rules to make this exercice useful.


5 step to conduct UX research

An interesting article by Smashing Mag on how to conduct a UX research. It is a good introduction to the subject and has some very good advices.


Prototyping tools

A pretty complete review of 5 prototyping tools. Nowadays going to your client with some PSDs is just not enough anymore. New prototyping tools keep on popping up, but which one to choose?
5 prototyping tools

Old Dutchies on 3 wheels

In French: Les néerlandais subventionnent l’achat de scooters à 3 roues. A Amsterdam vous en verrez partout. Un journaliste a suivi un club de scooteristes. Les images sont étranges et touchantes.


Startup jobs

Jobs in Swiss Startups. Mostly web positions like on freshjobs.ch


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