Checking Charity Checkouts: Swiss Red Cross

Yesterday I stumbled upon a Ted talk of Dan Pallota. A very interesting edition. The man states we should give the same opportunities to non-profits organizations as we do to the for-profit ones. Because currently we don’t.

I thought it would be time to give a look at how our Swiss charities do handle their online donation flows. Remember, I was a Digital Fundraiser previously and then worked 2 years in eCommerce…

This first edition of the CCC (Checking Charity Checkouts) will be about the Swiss Red Cross. One of the biggest charitable organization in Switzerland. Don’t get me wrong, I think they do a great job, but their site could need some improvements. I’m also mostly pinpointing what not working IMHO. I’ll let someone else do the praising.


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Home Coworking

As a freelancer or remote worker, working alone at home can feel lonely. Cohome is kind of desksurfing/couchsurfing for work. You can invite other remote workers to your home to work or share their living remote. This can get you to know new people and broaden your network.