How to launch your digital communication, for free

If you are a small charity, a startup or a music band launch your digital communication can be overwhelming. Where to start? How much will it cost? What to say?

The chances are that your budget is limited and the money vital for some other aspects of your venture. The good news is that it can be free. If it must, it won’t cost you a single cent. But as always, what is free is either not the highest quality, take a lot of time or lack functionalities…

Where to start? I wrote a little step by step plan for you. These are meant to be low-level advices. This guide could be muuuuuch longer and detailed. But for now I’ll stop here. I will detail every single part in future posts. So stay tuned and subscribe to the newsletter.


Weekly interesting link collection #ux #coworking

Today I just wanted to share a collection of interesting links on various topics which I’m reading about currently. From co-working to sleep deprivation, the range is wide. Please send me your contributions.

Home Coworking

As a freelancer or remote worker, working alone at home can feel lonely. Cohome is kind of desksurfing/couchsurfing for work. You can invite other remote workers to your home to work or share their living remote. This can get you to know new people and broaden your network.


Linkedin SEO optimization – How to rank high for your Keyword?


Actually I have no tips which work for you here! Sorry but instead I would like to receive your tips and feedbacks. Still, I’ll share my experience with you.

A couple of weeks ago I subscribed for a Premium Linkedin profile (remember I’m a job seeker). I had the surprise to see with which keywords the people would find my profile. It was rather disappointing. You can have a look to the list. There were no really relevant keywords. I don’t really care the I rank well for “ch”…

I started to dig into this subject in order to better understand how to rank well for keywords which really matter for me (digital project manager, online communication, … ).


Google Analytics Expert ou un truc du genre

Au début de l’année j’avais noté quelques bonnes résolutions. L’une d’elle était de certifier certaines de mes connaissances web. Et je me suis dit que j’allais commencer par Google Analytics. Et oui, en allant sur le site “Google: centre d’examen“, vous pouvez passer des examens en ligne pour Adwords et Analytics (entre autre) et devenir un Google Analytics Expert!

Moyennant quelques sous, vos avez accès à un questionnaire. Et franchement je pensais que cela serait plus facile (j’utilise GA tous les jours quand même). Vous avez un temps donné pour répondre à un questionnaire à choix multiple, vous pouvez faire pause à n’importe quel moment et bien sûr vous pouvez utiliser tous les documents que vous voulez pour vous aider.

J’ai eu chaud!

Voilà, donc j’ai réussi mon test avec un score de 82%, j’ai eut chaud, la limite c’était 80%. Et j’ai appris pas mal de choses en “révisant”. Après vous avez le droit à un joli certificat/lien.

Prochaine étape? Passer le premier examen concernant les Google Adwords. Et là ça va être corsé, je ne suis pas un utilisateur régulier.

Et vous? Avez-vous déjà passé une de ces certifications? Cela vous a-t-il servi? En connaissez vous d’autres?

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