Autoportaits in the studio

It’s been a while since I hadn’t done a Creative Wednesday. I was too busy with building my consultancy. But yesterday I spend the whole day experimenting with photography in my studio, actually my living in room.

Since no models were available (I didn’t even ask) and my profile picture is 6 years old (!!!!) : I had my subject. I experimented with strobes, reflectors, background and shaving foam. While doing the retouching I learnt quite some new trick in Photoshop.

These are the only 3 pictures (on 270) which passed the selection.



Project: Adams & Eves of Amsterdam

Hey, I had this idea while riding my bike the other day. Let’s see where we end with this. Let me quickly explain the concept and how you can help.

The concept

  • First, you post (in the comments below) questions you would like to ask to people living here in Amsterdam. Don’t be shy.
  • Then, you help me find people here in Amsterdam who would be ok to respond to them in video. And are ok to be published on this blog. Let them contact me via the contact form or Facebook.
  • After this. I meet these people, and they pick randomly 3 questions  and answer them in front of my camera.
  • Finally, the small 1-2 minute video gets posted here!

It’s as simple as this. So, where are your questions? What would you like to now about A’dam? It’s inhabitants? Free you mind!

A previous similar project : The Smiling portraits from Brazil



Il y a quelques temps, j’ai été contacté par des gens de Buzzilla/Numéro 10. Ils voulaient présenter mon blog à l’occasion de la soirée lausannoise de Attack of the Buzz. Nice, go, on y va. D’ailleurs c’était pour cette soirée que j’avais mis à jour mon blog et avais été faire la photo avec Nancy!

Chez Buzzilla, ils m’avaient fait remplir un questionnaire/interview. Je publie le publie ici, vu qu’ils ne l’on pas fait! De la sorte, je me dévoile un peu en tant que bloggeur.


Real life portraits – Found Photos

Woman Teeth

[eng] Found Photos is a website where it’s author is gathering lost pictures. Photos the photographer wouldn’t really be proud of. But they have a sense of authenticity, it’s raw material. No Photoshop, no makeup, this is real life!

[fr] Un petit poste très illustré pour vous parler du site Found Photos. En gros, il référence des images trouvées sur internet. Des photos que ses propriétaires ont « perdu ». La photo moche de Anita avant le maquillage, la fin de soirée entre potes floues avec une ligne d’horizon pas vraiment à niveau… On retrouve une l’authenticité certaine dans ces images: pas de photoshop, pas de maquillage, que du brut.

Voici quelques exemples (recadrée) pour l’occasion.