Let’s throw fablabs, coders and a lot of creative people into a museum

Last weekend was intense. I took part in the 2015 edition of Museomix as a volunteer in the Museum for Communication in Bern. But what is Museomix?

Museomix was originally created four years ago in France. It is a bit similar to hackathons or startup weekends. You put a lot of motivated people into groups and ask them to come up with prototypes after three days. The time constrains is big but to avoid complete chaos, the process is well established.

At the end of the weekend those groups had to present their work in form of a prototype. This years results are not yet online. But you can check last years results.


Digital Stage 2015 – Insights on the Swiss Theaters Digital Landscape

Ten years ago I coded the first version of a Swiss theater. At that time, the digital landscape was pretty different. There was no social network, complicated emailing sys- tems and online payments were almost nonexistent.

Today, just at the start of this new cultural season, a lot has changed. I’m very interested in this domain so I start- ed to do some research. I’ve ended up with quite some data which I thought could be interesting for others.

This infographic shows a quick summary, the full report is available in PDF (see below).


List of the Swiss Theaters and their social media accounts

This is the list of all the Swiss Theaters which have been included for the Digital Stage 2015 report. If the theater had setup a social network account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Youtube, it will be indicated.

Is there one missing? Please post it into the comments or send me a email so I can add it for the next report.

Kurtheater BadenAargauwww.kurtheater.chfbtw
Theater TuchlaubeAargauwww.tuchlaube.chfb
Theatre BaselBaselwww.theater-basel.chfbtw
Vorstadttheatre BaselBaselwww.vorstadttheaterbasel.chfbyt
Theater ROXYBaselwww.theater-roxy.chfbtwig
Das Theater der EffingerstrasseBernwww.dastheater-effingerstr.chfb
Konzert Theater BernBernwww.konzerttheaterbern.chfbtwyt
Salle Co2Fribourgwww.co2-spectacle.chfb
Theatre des OssesFribourgwww.theatreosses.chfbyt
Equilibre NuithonieFribourgwww.equilibre-nuithonie.chfbyt
Théatre des MarionnettesGenèvewww.marionnettes.ch
Théâtre de CarougeGenèvewww.tcag.chfbtwyt
Grand Théâtre GenèveGenèvewww.geneveopera.chfbtwigyt
Théatre Forum MeyrinGenèvewww.forum-meyrin.chfbig
Théatre du LoupGenèvewww.theatreduloup.chfbtwig
Théâtre AlchimicGenèvewww.alchimic.chfbtwyt
Théâtre de l'usineGenèvewww.theatredelusine.chfbtw
La ComédieGenèvewww.comedie.chfbtwigyt
Theatre de l'orangeraieGenèvewww.theatreorangerie.chfb
Théâtre du GrütliGenèvewww.grutli.chfbtwyt
Theatre ChurGrisonswww.theaterchur.ch
Luzerner TheaterLuzernwww.luzernertheater.chfbtwigyt
Klein TheaterLuzernwww.kleintheater.chfbyt
Théatre du passageNeuchâtelwww.theatredupassage.chfbtwigyt
Le casino - La grangeNeuchâtelwww.grange-casino.ch
Stadt TheatreSchaffausenwww.stadttheater-sh.chfb
Theatre St-GallenSt-Gallenwww.theatersg.chfbtw
Teatro DimitriTessinwww.teatrodimitri.ch/teatro/yt
Théâtre de ValèreValaiswww.theatredevalere.chfb
petit théâtreValaiswww.petitheatre.chfb
la belle UsineValaiswww.belleusine.chfb
Théatre OctogoneVaudwww.theatre-octogone.chfb
Théatre Kléber-MéleauVaudwww.t-km.chfb
Théâtre de VidyVaudwww.vidy.chfbtwigyt
Théâtre du CrochetanVaudwww.crochetan.chfbtwigyt
Le RefletVaudwww.lereflet.chfbtwyt
Théatre du JoratVaudwww.theatredujorat.chfbyt
Pré aux moinesVaudwww.preauxmoines.chfb
Théâtre de SévelinVaudwww.theatresevelin36.chfbtwig
Théâtre 2.21Vaudwww.theatre221.chfb
Usine à GazVaudwww.usineagaz.chfbtwyt
Théâtre de BeausobreVaudwww.beausobre.chfbtwigyt
Le petit théâtreVaudwww.lepetittheatre.chfbyt
La Grange de DorignyVaudwp.unil.ch/grangededorignyfbyt
Opéra de LausanneVaudwww.opera-lausanne.chfbyt
Théatre Benno BessonVaudwww.theatrebennobesson.chfbyt
Théâtre BoulimieVaudwww.theatreboulimie.comfb
Theatre am GleisWinterthurwww.theater-am-gleis.chfb
Casino TheaterWinterthurwww.casinotheater.chfbtwigyt
Theatre WinterthurWinterthurtheater.winterthur.chfbtwyt
Theater CasinoZugwww.theatercasino.chfbigyt
Theater der KünsteZurichwww.theaterderkunste.chfbtwyt
Theater StadelhofenZurichwww.theater-stadelhofen.chfb
Opernhaus ZurichZurichwww.opernhaus.chfbtwigyt
Theatre NeumarktZurichwww.theaterneumarkt.chfbtwyt
Rote FabrikZurichwww.fabriktheater.chfbtwig
Theater 11Zurichwww.theater11.chfb
Theater RigiblickZurichwww.theater-rigiblick.chfbyt
Theatre TicinoZurichwww.theater-ticino.ch
Theatre Kanton ZurichZurichtheaterkantonzuerich.chfbyt
Cabaret VoltaireZurichwww.cabaretvoltaire.chfb