Good start

Hi, I wish you all a great start in this new year!

It’s been already five months since I’ve started to work as a freelancer. And as you hear it all the time, starting your own company is a bumpy road! I thought I knew what I had signed up for. But guess what => it was harder than expected.

Last year

During the last months I’ve worked on a couple of projects I can’t show for now. But I did some consulting on brand positioning and designed a corporate identity for a consultant. I gave private coaching on Audio Editing softwares. I built two websites. I wrote a report on the Digital Presence of the Swiss Theaters. I’ve worked on a documentary. I’m currently updating my portfolio, make sure to check it regularly, new stuff will be added soon.

Also, during the autumn I volunteered as a photographer for a very exiting event in Bern.

While setting the foundations of my own company I explored my new city: Basel. I still feel like an expat here but it feels more and more like home.

Next year

2016 will be the year of coworking for me, since this January I’m a “flexible desk worker” of the Start Academy in Basel. It’s gooood to leave house for another environment. I hope to explore other coworking space this year. I will try to post some reviews.

In March, we will hold the first Swiss Tech Talk in Basel. If you are around make sure to attend and send all your friends. We hope also to start some one-to-one coaching for entrepreneurs too. I’ll keep you posted on this.

Work wise 2016 has started pretty great so far. I hope this will continue like this. Thanks for your trust and interest.

Finally here are some pictures of my new hometown.







Weekly interesting link collection #ux #coworking

Today I just wanted to share a collection of interesting links on various topics which I’m reading about currently. From co-working to sleep deprivation, the range is wide. Please send me your contributions.

Home Coworking

As a freelancer or remote worker, working alone at home can feel lonely. Cohome is kind of desksurfing/couchsurfing for work. You can invite other remote workers to your home to work or share their living remote. This can get you to know new people and broaden your network.


Chill working - Café de Grancy © Stéphanie Meylan

Spots de chill-working

Bon, profitons de l’après-midi le plus chaud de l’année pour rédiger un petit post sur les coins les plus cool pour chiller en travaillant (ou alors c’est travailler en chillant?). Appelons ça le chill-working, travailler sans en avoir l’impression. J’adore travailler dans les trains et dans les cafés, ces endroits m’inspirent. Pourquoi? Je sais pas vraiment, mais bizarement, j’arrive mieux à m’y concentrer. Voici une petite liste de mes spots préférés que j’apprécie fréquenter.