What The Friday is #LIFTstory ?!

This is a little experiment (we will see if it really works…)

Since everyone will be tweeting like crazy during Lift Conference, I thought: How could we bring some fun & creativity into all this?

So, this is the idea: Let’s build a multi-layered / multi-author story during those three days. A story based only on tweets, a story where everyone could bring his personal touch. A non-linear story in constant mouvement. A story without any ending nor start.

How does it work?

  1. Someone tweets « Once upon a time in Geneva #LIFTstory1 »
  2. You continue the story by tweeting « a barber was having fun in his backyard #LIFTstory2 »
  3. Your neighbor tweets « with his dog and and a haki-bag received for his birthday #LIFTstory3 »
  4. And so on..

But at any moment your can restart a branch and start over from Part #1. Also several people could write a Part #2 at the same time. The story starts to split and unfold. And it starts to become interesting (and totally chaotic ;)).

Feel free to tweet videos, pictures or whatever you want/can to share.

Structure of the story

Not sure if my explanation is very clear. Let me know if not. Thanks.

Just unleash your creativity
…and have fun!

PS: If anyone has a good idea how to show/aggregate the whole story afterwards. He’s welcome.

Yann Graf

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