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A big family - Creative Commons Flickr user smull
A big family – Creative Commons Flickr user smull

You can somehow define someone by the websites he visits, the blog he reads. It gives you an inside view of his interest centers. Here’s the selection of blogs I read. At the moment there are only 40 feed in my reader, but the number is rising. And it’s already though to catch up with all this content. How many blogs do you read?

Name – Language – Why it’s in my RSS reader

Design  / Web / Marketing

  • Lee  Munroe – EN –  Because he’s one of the top blogger when it comes to graphic design trends, website design and usability.
  • Netinfluence – FR – Because they provide me with cutting edge social marketing analysis from Lausanne.
  • Fred Cavazza – FR – It’s kinda hard to define his area of blogging. But somehow I’m always reading his post. He speaks about marketing, e-commerce and augmented reality in between other topics.
  • Scobelizer – EN –  Because he’s one of the top blogger. A must-read if you are blogging too.

Sustainability / CSR

  • Simplifier pour durer – FR – Because he’s interested in simplifying our way of life in order to get sustainable.
  • Social Media 4 Good – EN – Because it gives me an inside view on how the major UN organization work with social medias
  • Responsables ou pas – FR – Because they post on top such as Green-washing, viral green marketing, CSR. Cool stuff.

Art / Travel / Divers

  • The art of Non conformity – EN – Because this guy is crazy! He wants to visit 300 countries by his 30ies. He gives cool advices for traveling and blogging.
  • Vie Nomade – FR – Because she talks about traveling while working, or working while traveling. But will she really leave Switzerland?
  • Climb To the stars – EN/FR – Because she is some kind of blogging/socializing/comminitizing guru.
  • Cakehead Loves Evil – EN – Because she make me laugh, she always comes up with some weird/disturbing picture

Yann Graf

I am an experienced Digital Strategy Consultant based in Switzerland. After over seven year respectfully crafting and improving the digital presence of Terre des hommes, Nautilus and G-Star Raw, I am now a freelancer. Please have a look at my Portfolio

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  1. Merci 🙂 J’aime bien le mystère qui m’entoure 😀

    Départ espéré en mai, pour l’Inde ou le Sri Lanka (ou les deux). Encore un peu de sous à mettre de côté et 8’000 choses à régler, mais ça devrait le faire. Croise les doigts pour moi 😉

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