Watercolor experiments

Since the autoportaits back in October last year, I didn’t do any creative Day again. It was right about time for another shot. I don’t know, but  watercolor seemed to be the right tool. And patterns, I’m into patterns at the moment. Doei!


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Autoportaits in the studio

It’s been a while since I hadn’t done a Creative Wednesday. I was too busy with building my consultancy. But yesterday I spend the whole day experimenting with photography in my studio, actually my living in room.

Since no models were available (I didn’t even ask) and my profile picture is 6 years old (!!!!) : I had my subject. I experimented with strobes, reflectors, background and shaving foam. While doing the retouching I learnt quite some new trick in Photoshop.

These are the only 3 pictures (on 270) which passed the selection.


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Opinions: This sucks !

While playing with Illustrator I started this little serie. This idea is some things can be great or really suck depending on where you stand. Vegetarians really do suck if you are a vegetable. Ever thought of being chopped into cubes or being thrown into a blender? Yes, it really sucks!


Please add your suggestions in the comments.

Studio photo experiments

Today I spent some time experimenting with a mini photo studio. Not too bad for a first set, but could be much better. Practice needed.


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Dutch sayings and fonts combinations

I wanted to experiment different font combinations. Dutch expression translated into English were the perfect playground for trying this out.

Good luck with Google translate boys.


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Linoprinted Hipster Perv

I spent the afternoon experimenting with Lino engraving. It was pretty fun but I did not yet find the good printing technique (or ink). But it is definitely something I will try again. Enjoy the lumber jack hipster pervert from Copenhagen.


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Cats & Rats & Birds

Here are some cute animal characters. A good excuse to spend the day on the computer working with Illustrator… See you next week for some more.


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Here are some quick drawings and research. I experimented with a homemade lightbox for the first pix: The pinned smilies. Not yet what I want be we are getting there. See you next week.

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Rapigueux vordennes

Second Creative day is over. I wanted to experiment with hand lettering and Illustrator. It’s a start, I didn’t really get the time to clean the letters and get nice curves. I’ll let you try to understand the words.

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