How to find an apartment in Basel… in 2 easy steps!

You really though 2 steps were enough?! Ok, that wasn’t funny… Everyone who had to do this job knows how painful it can be. There aren’t that many available flats in Swiss cities. The Swiss federal administration reported around 0.5% of free vacant houses in Basel (June 2014). I found a number for Amsterdam: over 3%! I do not know if they count exactly the same way, but it gives you an idea.

I was looking for an apartment in Switzerland and I wanted to share the tips I found. Of course, if you have ideas, you are also very welcome to share them. We visited 35 apartments until we found the right one.

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I’m moving to Amsterdam for 2 years

As some of you may already know, I’m moving to Amsterdam for 2 years! My girlfriend found a job in the Netherlands and I’m really happy to experience living and working from abroad. Switzerland is nice, but sometimes you gotta move! So I’ll be leaving Lausanne by the end of August for the big-bike-friendly city.

Usually I’m writing in French on this blog, but I want my new readers (the Dutch…) to be able to understand my posts too. So get used to it! Hey Romands, you’d prefer me to write in dutch or what?

This is the introduction post. I’ll try to describe my transition to the flatland on a weekly basis. Because there is still a lot of thing to do before even getting there.

The checklist

Below you’ll find my checklist. I’ll try to write a post about each of these items. But I can’t promise anything,

  1. Inform myself about the country (culture, cheese)
  2. Know the admin stuff (immigration laws, taxes, etc) – the annoying stuff
  3. Find a flat
  4. Find a job (or a digital one)
  5. Find friends (?)
  6. But first of all, LEARN DUTCH!

Since I’ve never been to the Netherlands and (almost) don’t know anyone there, don’t be shy. Share your tips, your connections, the name of your favorite Gouda shop! See you soon in Amsterdam.