How to remove spam traffic in Google Analytics

Usually, when I get access to a Google Analytics account, I quickly try to find out how accurate (or polluted) the data is. Most of the time there is some spam traffic in Google Analytics. For smaller websites, it sometimes accounts for up to 30% of the sessions!

The side effect of spam traffic? You can’t really rely on any general data. It will corrupt your general understanding of the visitor profile. Let’s fix this.

But first…

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Tracking form submissions via Google Analytics Events

Your website is up and running, the design is sleek and the first visitors flow in. 10, 100 and now 1000 unique visitors per month. But wait, with how much visitors per month should you be happy?

Tracking the number of visitors is pointless if it is not correlated to the conversion rate (and your business goals). 1000 people visiting your page and leaving without having taken any action are worthless to your business. Tracking form submissions can help in this case.

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Understanding the Online Customer Journey

Ok, you have spent some money on your website, and now you want people to visit it? Often it doesn’t happen exactly like this. Mostly because your website is lost between over 1 billion of its siblings. But then how can you reach and attract your potential customers?

For this you need to first understand the online customer journey of your potential client and his way down the conversion funnel.

To start, this is a generic, high level customer journey.


Note: You could add several steps in here. I’ve skipped them for more clarity. I think I’ll anyway make a series out this topic, since there is a lot to add to it.

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